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Reverse Racism

Just a collection of trivial topics and events that some may perceive to be racist, racially discriminative, and/or biased towards those with privilege in the U.S.

I swear people everywhere missed her hairdo (cornrows, was it?) and the fact that she said "gettin our nails did all Japanese-y" like jfc are people blind.


People noticed her hair and that she said “Japanese-sy”

There are multiple posts going around

- Susie

all these white people are defending Katy Perry, some how skipping the big assed and big boobed mummies by saying "It's not racist"/"I don't see how she's racist" and the worst "She not making fun of anyone he's appreciating the culture" "cULTURE DOES NOT BELONG TO onE GROUP OF PEOPLE, EDUCATED YOUR!!!!11!!!!11" white people on hurt get so defensive when one of their own is called racist because apparently "these tumblr sjw's are hurting my feelings, they make everything about race wahhhh" omfg


How do you personally identify the difference between race and ethnicity?


Ethnicity is a cultural identity that a group of people are united under, race is constructed around skin pigment and racial ancestry. 


Hold up was that that White American girl, who moved to Netherlands, learned Dutch, then converted to Islam and planned on marrying her husband in Saudi Arabia? I saw that and I think she was trying to find herself. One minute she's American and Christian, then she's Dutch and Christian, then she's Muslim. It was suspect, but I think it was innocent.


Hm, yeah that does seem suspect if that’s the same person.


I'm mostly black but I hate when my friends dismiss the fact that I'm part Native just because I don't "look" like it. It makes me feel sad that people don't believe me and dismiss a part of my culture, thinking I'm lying.


Tell them that if you haven’t already. That there is not just one way to look it since you are multiracial. And they have no right to dictate or dismiss your identity. 


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