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Oh look.

Another white actor chosen to play a character that is not white.

And a light-skinned woman of color being cast as a character who was described as dark-skinned.

And another author who’s okay with it because they feel like the actors fit the character so well.

Again I ask, why do white authors make their characters into people of color when they don’t care about them being whitewashed? Is it because they want them to be exotic? Is it because because they want them to be ~*different*~? and ~*special*~?

Because I doubt that they actually realize that white shouldn’t be the neutral color for all characters.

And being that more than often people seem to be okay with the whitewashing of these characters, that excuse against race-bending, the “we should respect the writers property and keep them the race they were written (white)!!” doesn’t really hold weight anymore, at least to me it doesn’t

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    I’ve been over this before seriously authors: grow some spine At this point, I am leaning towards these people making...
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    besides, they already had a movie featuring the white nick fury YEAAAAH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    —but he called me a racist.. I CANNOT.. Wigger please..
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    actually only 46% of the country is white. so yes, racism.
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    So am I a white supremacist or what? Make up your darn mind! I need to know who to oppress today!
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    Lol, you’re only repeating the same old moderate/colorblind dismissal that’s been used many times before in arguments...
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    Laughing at someone isn’t a personal attack? Please .. indulge me .. I am constantly repeating myself with simpler and...
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    I’m the one arguing semantics? lol okay whatever helps you sleep at night carry on bitching and moaning about how Rue...

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